Golf course design by golf professional architects

A golf course designed by Gaunt Golf Design will be inspired in part by the existing topography and natural surroundings. Jonathan’s golf courses are designed with the landscape in mind.

Our company philosophy on golf course design is simple – creating golf courses that are designed to make the golfer think – which are strategically conceived, challenging to play and visually attractive – for the enjoyment of all who play them.

Each design is bold, yet respects tradition, drawing inspiration from some of the greatest golf courses of the early 20th century – designed by the best British golf course architects of the “Golden Age”. Because of the wide variety of projects we have worked on, we have learnt to be very adaptable and flexible in our approach to the design of every new golf course.

Individual, hand-drawn designs form the initial masterplan based upon the findings of the preliminary research. This provides stimulus for the development team and sets out options for the golf course design.

Following client consultation, these designs are then honed to create a final working masterplan for submission as a planning application for development permits.