At Lichfield we have applied similar principles, but, thankfully, the original design, by Simon Gidman, EIGCA ex- President, was much more refined. In general, the bunker positions were good, if a bit outdated given the advances in technology, but there were too many of them. We have focussed on the rationalisation of bunker numbers and reducing sand areas down in the bunkers we have retained.

The new bunkers are raised and designed to be significantly more visible from the tees and landing areas – this strategy pays homage to the work of MacKenzie and Colt and their design principles, which are still as valid and relevant today as they were when they were in the 1920s and 1930s. The visibility of the sand in bunkers is a really important aspect of any bunker remodelling project and it can transform the look of a hole.

The advantage of creating greater visibility of the bunkers at Lichfield is that they will have more of a psychological impact upon the golfer playing the course. And, one well-placed bunker can do the job of three badly-positioned bunkers. Phase 1 was completed by Greasley’s in 2021 and Phase 2 starts back on site in September 2023.