The design of this expansive golf course features three main characteristics: woodland, wetland and grassland (including some “desert-like” features). The result is a varied and memorable course for golfers of varying abilities, all within view from the golf villas, apartments and 5 hotels.

In order to keep the golf course in play throughout the year and prevent any risk of flooding, GGD raised the level of the fairways, greens and tees, 300m driving range and practice greens to an elevation 1.5 metres above 100 year flood level. These levels were achieved by importing subsoil from other sites near Fes and by excavating subsoil during the creation of water features. Those areas not built up are crossed by timber boardwalks, buggy tracks and bridges.

The grassland areas comprise bold, flowing and undulating features with some water channels that flood when levels rise in winter and become wetland/marshland during the drier seasons.
The result is something golfers in Morocco or travelling there on holiday might not expect – a lush green oasis.

The course was built by Chris Johnson, as project manager, working with Moroccan construction companies, and it opened for play in May 2013.