In 2019, Rotherham GC commissioned us to undertake a course masterplanning exercise, focussing on a bunker remodelling programme, with the intention of reinstating James Braid’s original design features, which had been lost since he made improvements to Sandy Herd’s original layout in 1925. The course is set in 150 acres of undulating mature parkland surrounding the imposing Thrybergh Hall.

Construction work started in 2021 and all bunkers are being remodelled in a style that is sympathetic with Braid’s original design intentions. Some bunkers have been replaced with grassy hollows and run-offs and new bunkers have been built to bring the course challenge into the 21st century. The work is being expertly undertaken by Profusion Environmental Ltd, using Blinder, their own rubber crumb and resin (environmentally approved recycled rubber granules) bunker lining material. The new/remodelled bunkers are back in play within 6 months of starting construction.