The Tytherington Club is set in mature, undulating parkland and the course was originally designed by Dave Thomas in the late 1980’s.

Our work here has involved the re-working of all holes, which includes improvements to tees, greens, bunkers, drainage, lakes and pathways. The bunkers, in particular, were proving to be difficult and expensive to maintain as they were all large and deep (synonymous with Dave Thomas’s design style) and had not been remodelled (or re-drained) since the course was first built. The first phase started back in 2017 when, working with Greasley’s, we remodelled all bunkers on holes #3, #4, #5, #7, #8 and #18, incorporating drainage improvements.

The next phase of bunker work has been a long-time in planning and will restart on site in Spring 2024 and will again, be expertly undertaken by Greasley’s. In order to minimise the disruption to members, a two-phase approach has been adopted for the larger projects.

Each phase is, generally, separated by either one or two years. The growing-in period for the bunkers is typically three months, depending on the time of year, however one major benefit of the summer / early autumn works is the ability to hydroseed areas.